Proposals 2017 - 2018

Proposals 2017 - 2018

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For 2017/18,the Committee proposes the following:-

  • We will look to identifying a potential new international project, andproposedevelopinglinks with the PONTorganisation, with which we worked on the successfulMbalewater project. PONT is making a real impact in theMbaleDistrict of Uganda, across the board – health, education and environmental projects-and has had active support from the Welsh Government. We will be able to cooperate with the emerging Pontypridd Satellite Club some of whose potential members also have involvement with PONT; and we will seek a discussion with RCCB’s Youth Committee on involving our Interact and Rotaract clubs so as to maximise the impact of the special relationship.

  • The Committee will continue toalertthe Club tothe need forresponsesto international emergencies.

  • The International Quiz is booked for Friday 26thJanuary 2018.  Proceeds from this will, amongst other charitable causes, contribute to the Club's recurrent donation to Rotary Foundation. 

  • The Committee is very enthusiastic to continue the KIVA investment initiative, encouraged by the talk given earlier this year by DanielleTraherne, one of our Honorary Members, who has worked for this organisation and was able to attest to its effectiveness.  The control and administration through KIVA is now fully functioning.  Progress to date can be summarized as follows:-

      • Historical:

      • Amount of money introduced        $426

      • Total number of loans made            46

      • Total amount lent                            $1,200

      • Number of countries                         28

      • Number of different activities            25

      • Current:

      • Number of loans                    20

      • Outstanding amount            $362.03

      • Cash balance in hand          $45.51

    • The Committee proposes to run the Music Magpie collection/sale every few months to raise funds for KIVA.