Water Survival Box

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What is the Water Survival Box

WorldWaterWorks and the Water Survival Box is a charity managed by the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge. 

Picture1bThe Water Survival Box is a fully paid for product full of new items and does not need filling by external organisations. The new items will be tailored to suit the disaster locations. The cost of a survival box is £150. (inclusive of airfreight costs). Purchases can be made online and we would appreciate your support.

The Water Survival Box is a rigid, reinforced 54 litre plastic container that becomes a receptacle for water when emptied of survival items, it includes a Grifaid pump and filer which provides 100000 litres of safe water  – more than enough for family for several  months, plus essential survival items, such as hygiene, cooking and tools as well as a basic shelter – via tarpaulin sheet.


Water Survival Box Contents

Whats in the box?


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