Our International Work

Several of our diverse on-going projects aim to make a difference to the less fortunate individuals and communities internationally.

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Helping with emergency relief

- including donations of 'Shelterboxes' to earthquake and flood disaster areas, often following street collections around Sudbury

Enabling ‘Third-World’ Projects 

- donations of small amounts of money through 'Lend-with-Care' to groups and individuals to promote their independence

Polio Eradication

- Purple Crocuses in support of Polio Eradication – planting crocuses to provide a colourful environment in schools and around the town and to raise awareness of Rotary’s on-going campaign to eradicate polio. The purple colour replicates the colour of the dye used to show that a child has been immunised

Specific projects – examples include

- East Meru School (Tanzania) - sponsoring individual children (Find out more)
- Bamako (Mali) - sponsoring street children to attend life skills courses  (Find out more)
- Sarenga (West Bengal) - supporting the local hospital (project now concluded)
- Beirut - help for street-children through the 'Home of Hope' (project now concluded)

Our International Work sub-pages:

The Mali Development Group which works with very disadvantaged children

Bamako - sponsoring street children to attend life skills courses


East Meru Community School

more How we are helping youngsters at the school.

Some of the entrepreneurs that we have helped


more An outline of how 'Lend with Care' works

'End Polio Now' Polio Eradication Project


Some of the clothes donated by youngsters from Thomas Gainsborough School, Sudbury.

Home of Hope, Beirut

more Giving hope to children affected by the troubles in the Middle East