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If you think you might like to join us you will be made very welcome at one of our Tuesday meetings.

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If you like meeting new people and socialising with like minded friends.
If you would like to use your 
skills to benefit others in the community.
If you would like to be part of what you have seen on this site……..


You are welcome to join us!   Chelwood Bridge Rotary  Club meets at the Carpenters Arms, Stanton Drew, most Tuesday evenings, unless we are away having fun somewhere else. If you like the idea of Rotary but think it is mostly for men, is expensive to belong to, requires a time commitment which you can’t make, is only for business owners or is largely for retired people, then come and join us one Tuesday  evening to find out how Rotary can be different.We have all of the above and much more, but we are informal, you give as much time as you want, you make new friends, give some worthwhile support to our local community and internationally, plus have fun. Because many of our members have busy lives already, we use the internet to keep in touch, share ideas, and offer support, so if you can’t attend a meeting, it doesn’t matter, you can still keep in touch. The enormous sense of achievement you’ll experience doing something   really worthwhile will be matched only by the enormous amount of fun you’ll have! You’ll be working, socialising and networking with like-minded people who have the same interests and aims as you – so teamwork is important. You’ll make firm friends as well as worthwhile business contacts; you’ll learn valuable new skills and grow as a person; and you’ll be sure of a warm welcome from other Rotarians around the world whenever you’re on your travels.As a Rotarian, there’s a vast array of things you can get involved in, from organising events and competitions, supporting local charities and developing young people, to assisting with disaster relief and even eradicating diseases such as polio worldwide.Since we became a chartered Rotary Club in October 1988, we have used our contacts, our enthusiasm and our energy to benefit communities around the Chew Vally and local area, we are always very happy to see potential new members.  We like to have fun and enjoy a good meal too, which is why we have based our club at the Carpenters Arms.

  • If you think you might like to join us you will be made very welcome at one of our Tuesday meetings. Find out more by contacting: Tony Quinn  e-mail:  tonyq@btinternet.com

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