24 Hour Accessible Community Defibrillators

We planned 5 and installed 6 Defibrillators in the Rotary Year 2017-2018

Community Defibrillators

Brynmawr Rotary believed our communities needed defibrillators that are accessible 24/7. We've taken into account the needs for the right equipment, the right support, the right adherence to liabilities and governance, community awareness and training programmes are planned to be deliver throughout the year and continual updates offered.

We are hugely passionate about community defibrillation in all its forms, and to celebrate 50 years of service in our community we have installed the last of the 6 community defibrilators on June 29th 2018. 

This project is not about just a defibrillator in the community, but one that is part of a resilient process, addressing our communities needs, and fully backed by Governance. We are continuing to work with what we believe is the leading community defibrillator charity in the UK, Community Heartbeat Trust who are recognised by ambulance services, councils, other community groups and sports governing bodies as the 'gold standard', They have set many of the standards now being adopted by other organisations.

More information about their work can be found at: www.communityheartbeat.org.uk


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