Tools With A Mission

We are currently involved in a project called "Tools With A Mission" (TWAM) whereby tools old and new are brought in or collected and then periodically taken to the TWAM headquarters in Ipswich

Repairing sewing machines ready for dispatch.

On arrival at "Tools With A Mission"  headquarters the tools are checked or repaired and then shipped to needy countries in the developing world. These tools will help the recipients to build or repair their own homes or start up a small business, in doing so will be able to support their own families.The tools need to be in a reasonable condition suitable for such trades as, Builders, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Mechanics, Gardeners, Sewing or Knitting Machines also IT equipment such as Desktop Computers running  a minimum of Windows XP.

A full list of the tools that are required is available on the TWAM website. under the heading "Resources" this gives a more detailed list of tools according to each trade.  

With your support we can help people to transform their lives in develpoping countries around the world.

Please drop off any of the above items at

The Swan Hotel Harleston

or for local collection call Rotarian Robin Twigge on  07818400632