Meetings archive/ Skittles - Railway Inn - Tuesday 7th November 2017

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Several members and partners gathered at the Railway Inn, Kibworth, to enjoy an evening of camaraderie and sport [of sorts] throwing lumps of wood at skittle shaped lumps of wood.

Following the astute intervention of the pub landlord the evening was brought to fruition by Stephen Pitchers who thoughfully organised a delivery of 'Fish and Chips' as food was not available from the pub that evening.

After two rounds 'Team 2' emerged as winners despite the valiant efforts of Stephen Woodhouse to keep his team [1] in the hunt for victory.

Various photos are attached including one of a 'nil pointe' scorer.  Sadly he was not the only one!

Thanks to SP for his efforts and organising the food.

Roger Calvert  9th November 2017