Why should you meet us?

A bit about what makes our Rotary Club special.


To promote the establishment of friendships that support and benefit each other and the community, both local and international, irrespective of race, religion or politics.


The Rotary Club of Knighton and District was chartered in 1976 by  some inspired people, a few of whom are still actively involved in the Club today. We have 31 members, including 10 women, and share the fun and friendship of our weekly meetings. We have a meal which is often followed by a speaker to entertain and inform. But most of all we enjoy each other's company and good humour.


We make the most of opportunities to provide support to local and international communities and charities through fund raising activities.

We are also keen to support the young people of our community through youth competitions, youth exchange programmes and other similar activities. 

We are all very aware of the importance of Rotary in the community of Knighton and the surrounding area and are very appreciative of the support that people in our community give us during our various fund raising events.


You are always assured of a warm welcome. We meet at the Baron of Beef in Bucknell for the first three Wednesday in the month at lunchtime and at the Knighton Hotel on the fourth Wednesday in the evening. Contact Norman Thorp on 01547 529666 or Sheila Smith on 01547 540593 and they'll fill you in on the details. Hope to have you visit us sometime soon!    


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