Music Festival Winners 2015

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PIANO SOLO JUNIOR   1st  Freya Chapman      2nd  Skye Tsang      3rd = Kiran Thakrar; Zsofia Libertiny

PIANO SOLO INTER[1]  1st Myles Collymore     2nd  Maisie Benham      3rd Harmony Hart

PIANO SOLO INTER[2]  1st Kate Lopez Woodward   2nd Oliver Breslin  3rd= Hannah Sutton; Amy Mustard

PIANO SOLO SENIOR   1st Alice Chan    2nd  Jasmine Chevolleau

PIANO DUET INTER[1]     1st  Skye Tsang & Maisie Benham

PIANO DUET INTER[2]    1st  Hannah Sutton & Oliver Breslin

VOCAL DUET JUNIOR    1st Olivia Edwards & Lucy Dickinson

VOCAL DUET SENIOR    1st Sophie Austin & Hannah Carress

GUITAR SOLO JUNIOR    1st  Alfie Exall      2nd Aqib Faruqui

GUITAR SOLO INTER[1]   1st  Joshua Barton-Grisewood     2nd Harry Shaw    3rd  Oliver Shoreland

INSTRUMENTAL DUET INTER[2]    1st  Alastair Kidd & Charles Graham

INSTRUMENTAL DUET SENIOR    1st  Jasmine Chevolleau & Rachel Wilson

VOCAL ENSEMBLE JUNIOR   1st Kilburn Swallow   2nd Kilburn Canary

VOCAL ENSEMBLE INTER[1]   1st  Kilburn Kingfishers A    2nd  Kilburn Kingfishers B

WOODWIND SOLO JUNIOR    1st  Isabelle Thomas    2nd  Maria Warren Thiemann  3rd  Emily-May Palmer

WOODWIND SOLO INTER[1]   1st  Oliver Spacey   2nd  Imogen Smith     3rd  Robert Warren Thiemann

WOODWIND SOLO INTER[2]     1st Kate Lopez Woodward   2nd = Laura Morgan; Alice Shoreland

WOODWIND SOLO SENIOR     1st  Harriet Brown    2nd  Sebastien Davis    3rd Emily-May Holt

INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE SENIOR      1st  Gone with the Wind (quintet)

         2nd =   Phoenix Brass Quintet; Wollaston School Tradition Jazz Band; Malika Quartet

INSTRUMENTAL DUET JUNIOR:    1st  Skye Tsang & Chan-Young Lee

INSTRUMENTAL DUET INTER [1]    1st  Henry Grant & Louis Exall    2nd  Oliver Sutton & Christopher Foster

INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE INTER [1]   1st Wellingborough Prep School Brass Group

                                                                     2nd Wellingborough Prep School String Quartet

INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE INTER [2]   1st  Quattro String Quartet

STRINGS SOLO JUNIOR    1st Misia Welters    2nd  Eva Jennings     3rd  Jonathan Pool

STRINGS SOLO INTER [1]    1st Josephina Chapman   2nd = Henry Grant; Miles King   3rd Georgia Sibcy

STRINGS SOLO INTER [2]  1st Jade Segler  2nd  Michael Needle   3rd=  Courtney Castle-Palmer;  Hannah Sutton

STRINGS SOLO SENIOR   1st  Bridie MacDonald Howe  2nd =  Elliot Alker; Kayleigh Charlton

VOCAL SOLO JUNIOR (V1)    1st Lili Howe     2nd Olivia Edwards   3rd = Emily-May Palmer; Molly Barnes

VOCAL SOLO JUNIOR (V2)   1st  Molly Barnes   2nd Maddalena Nakash   3rd= Lucy Dickinson; Lili Howe

VOCAL SOLO INTER [1]  (V3)  1st Adam Davies    2nd Melissa Pool    3rd  Georgia Humphrey

VOCAL SOLO INTER [1]  (V4)  1st  Georgia Humphrey  2nd  Robert Warren Thiemann

BRASS SOLO INTER [1]  1st  Lindsey Cameron

BRASS SOLO INTER [2]  1st Jonathan Davies  2nd = Cameron Abbott; Josh Comery

BRASS SOLO SENIOR  1st  Eleanor Bateman   2nd=  Aldam Mills; Lawrence Benoy

CHOIR    1st Kilburn Seniors   2nd Wellingborough School Friday Singers

INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE JUNIOR  1st  WMAC Junior Wind   2nd  Stanwick Stringettes

JUNIOR LARGE ENSEMBLE  1st WMAC Junior Strings  2nd Redwell School Orchestra  3rd= WMAC Playstrings

                                                                                                                                3rd = Park Junior School Orchestra

TRAINING LARGE ENSEMBLE OPEN  1st Wollaston School The Ukudie Ukes  2nd Wollaston School Folk Group

SENIOR LARGE ENSEMBLE (Strings/Orchestra) 1st Wrenn & Hatton Combined Orchestra 

                                                                                            2nd = Wrenn  String Ensemble;  WMAC Senior Strings

SENIOR LARGE ENSEMBLE (other than Strings/Orchestra)

                                                   1st Wollaston School Concert Band  2nd= Wrenn Brass Band

                                                                                                                    2nd = Wollaston School Mighty Ukuleles

KEITH TOMPKINS TROPHY  : Wrenn & Hatton Combined Orchestra

VOCAL SOLO INTER [2] V5   1st Isabel  Leslie-Carter  2nd Lauren Jones  3rd= Megan Ferguson; Carla Birro

VOCAL SOLO INTER [2] V6  1st  Isabel Leslie-Carter  2nd Venura Udukala

VOCAL SOLO SENIOR  V7  1st Lewis Starr  2nd  Rochelle Jackman  3rd= Megan O’Brien; Sophie Austin

VOCAL SOLO SENIOR V8   1st  Keir Mulcahey    2nd Sophie Austin

INSTRUMENTAL SOLO FINALS    Young Musician of the Year JUNIOR:  Isabelle Thomas

                                                                Young Musician of the Year INTERMEDIATE [1]:  Josephina Chapman

                                                                Young Musician of the Year INTERMEDIATE {2}: Kate Lopez Woodward

                                                                Young Musician of the Year SENIOR:  Harriet Brown


YOUNG MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR 2015 (VOCAL):                            LEWIS STARR