Project Partner - Rise Against Hunger

We are proud to partner with Rise Against Hunger for the 50,000 Meal Pack

Our Mission

Rise Against Hunger is driven by the vision of a world without hunger. Our mission is to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable and creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources.

Our Work

Our organization’s approach to ending hunger centres on mobilizing a global network of hunger champions. Rise Against Hunger meal packaging volunteers produce millions of nutritious meals annually that are then distributed to partners in countries around the world.

We Nourish Lives through Safety Net Programs: While long-term food security projects take root, vulnerable families and individuals still need to meet their basic needs today. Rise Against Hunger supports safety net programs that provide nourishment as well as additional skills training or services that support the difficult journey out of poverty. Our volunteer-packaged meals support children’s attendance at school, incentivize adults to learn a new trade or bolster clinic patients’ health to bring about holistic and transformational development in each of their lives.

Our meals are distributed based on the strategic plan of our Global Impact Team and allocated specifically to support life-changing and saving development issues, such as, school feeding programs, vocational training programs, childhood development programs, orphanages, elderly care centres and medical clinics located in the most food insecure areas of our world. We want to make a lasting difference in the communities in which the meals are served. We utilize the data available from the Global Food Security Index to help us decide where our transformational aid will be most beneficial, combined with the relationships we have with in-country partners for delivering the food.

Emergencies: We reserve 10% of the meals packaged for crisis situations. From droughts to floods, in conflict zones and transitioning political situations, food is often the most immediate need. When everyday access to food, wages, and market systems are destroyed in the wake of emergencies, Rise Against Hunger works through a network of in-country partners to address these needs. We strive to ensure aid is efficiently and effectively deployed to and received by communities when it is needed most.


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