Lighthouse Walk

General Information / Safety Guidelines

Lighthouse Challenge - General Information / Safety Guidelines

The Route

The route will be signposted. The first part is across the Downs to Cow Gap which will take around 15 minutes.  From there you take the steps down to the beach which are fairly steep and can cause a little bit of congestion, so please be patient! Once on the beach, turn right and head for the lighthouse which will take around 60 minutes (at an average pace) to reach. When on the beach, the going may look a bit easier near the cliffs, but PLEASE do not be tempted to go there – you need to walk well clear of the cliffs as they are prone to falling and can cause serious injury or worse.   

The Lighthouse

When you get to the lighthouse you will be able to walk round it and achieve your objective. 

Unfortunately, participants are not permitted to climb the lighthouse steps which are private property (as well as being both narrow and dangerous).

Safety - Obviously paramount, so please help us to help you!

  • We have a number of helpers to ensure that everything is as safe for you as possible – there are marshals patrolling the beach who are in radio contact with each other, teams from Elite Medical are standing by in the event of any accident and finally, as an extra precaution, both the Coast Guard and the RNLI have been notified of the event and are also able to respond quickly in case of need.
  • Should you need any assistance, and to attract attention, raise your arms to indicate help required, and please also keep your eyes open for anyone else who might have a problem.
  • In the event of a serious emergency a Coast Guard helicopter might wish to land on the beach and, in such an eventuality, please keep well away and follow instructions given by the marshals.
  • Stay well back from the edge and base of the cliffs (rock falls are an extra risk after bad weather).
  • Walking up the steps to the platform by the door of the lighthouse is not permitted.

Key Times - all times BST

16:45 - Check-in Desks Open 

18:00 - Check-in Closes

18:48 – Forecast low water.

21:15 – Sunset.

Finally, do enjoy yourself and at the finish (where you checked-in), we will give you a certificate showing that you have completed the Challenge. 

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