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The Rotary Club of Taunton supports both national and locally initiated international projects

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The Rotary Club of Taunton is actively involved in supporting projects globally which promote education, good health and international co-operation and understanding. 


Many of the projects have far reaching benefits to less advantaged communities and include major initiatives to eradicate polio, supply water survival kits to disaster hit areas and a range of education programmes aimed at improving literacy and self-sufficiency.  The Rotary Club of taunton supports these national initiatives ad also  responds to emergencies by organising local collections for those affected by disasters such as earthquakes and floods whether in the UK or around the world.


As a Club we also support our own international projects.  For a number of years, the Club has maintained long-standing partnerships with our sister Clubs in Lisieux in Normandy and in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA and has also funded the education and training of a teacher in Zambia. 


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