International Links/ USA Youth Exchange: Fondly known as 'Taunton Mass'

A great opportunity for young men and women to be hosted by our sister Club in the United States of America

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Each year 2 young people are selected to take part in a bi-annual exchange with our sister Club of Taunton in Massachusetts, USA.  The costs of travel are wholly funded by the respective Rotary Club and Rotarians in the hosting country provide all accommodation and arrange a full array of activities and visits.


This project, often known by the shorthand ‘Taunton Mass’,  can be life changing for those involved, many of whom develop a deeper understanding of each other’s culture and often establish long lasting contacts and in some cases, lifetime friendships. The visits play a valuable part in personal development, widen horizons and are a truly magical experience for those involved.


All those who take part make a presentation to the Club on their return and without exception all report how significant was the visit in enhancing their lives.


The Club often has return visits from those who have previously been involved and it is rewarding to know how much our support for this exchange is valued by those involved.


Want to take part? Contact our Club to find how to apply for selection.


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