Rotary Young Leaders Award (RYLA)

Rotary supports the development of Leadership skills in this exciting outdoor programme

Outdoor activities combined with team work are an amazing way to develop the leadership skills of young adults.  The Rotary Youth Leadership programme enables selected applicants to be pitted against the elements, deal with tricky situations and experience the challenge of working with others to  solve problems.


Canoeing, rafting, climbing, camping and orienteering are just some of the stunning array of activities used to develop personal skills.


Each year the Rotary Club of Taunton sponsors a young adult to participate in a regional Young Leaders course. The selected applicants attend the course alongside those from other areas whom they have never met before. Activities are designed to help them learn, providing stretch and challenge.


On completion of the programme, participants make a presentation to the Club. This year Bradley Flinders spoke to Club members about his experience on the programme and thanked the Club for sponsoring his participation.  Bradley is also a Cadet and avid bell ringer and his enthusiasm shone out as he made his presentation.  Bradley described how the programme had not only developed his personal skills but given him the opportunity to meet knew people and work as a team in a challenging environment.


When asked if he would recommend the programme, he said, 'definitely', so come on... if you know a young person who can benefit...let us know, contact Rotarian Trevor Snow.



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