Preventing the Spread of Malaria

Malaria kills 600,000 a year: The Rotary Club of Taunton donates money for prevention

Malaria kills 600,00 people annually of which 70% are children. The vast majority of deaths are in the continent of Africa. For just a few pounds, Malaria nets help to protect families and children thus dramatically reducing the infection rate.

In 2017, the then President Ian Ramus, extended the Club’s engagement with this issue and as a result the Club has donated £7,000 over the last three years to the charity REMIT (Rotary Elimination of Malaria in Tanzania) which provides nets to Malaria stricken areas. The money is matched by Rotary’s own charity ‘Rotary Foundation’ to make a grand total of some £14,000.

REMIT is a Rotary charity set up and run by Rotarian Brian Stoyles and Dr Barnard-Jones. As a result of becoming involved with this project, the Club also learned of new drugs and technology used to fight Malaria. Chemically impregnated nets show an immediate reduction in mortality from the effects of the ‘night feeding’ mosquito and young PhD student in London, George Frodsham, has developed a” dialysis" machine using nanoparticle technology. The machine can clear 90% of infected blood in children in a few hours for less than the cost of IV drugs currently being used for these worst cases.

If you would like to support the prevention of Malaria you too can directly donate.  For further details contact Ian Ramus.

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