Our 1st OPEN MEETING of the Year

Wed 26th September 2018 at 18.30 - 20.00

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Open Meeting of the Rotary Club of Furness held on 26/09/2018

Gordon Turner took the Chair

Brian Boyd started the discussion by indicating that we should promote Rotary more in the community to help recruit new members.
Peter Rodell said that TDF was a good starting point, to involve schools entering in teams to encourage charitable giving and involve parents.
Richard Johnson mentioned that a three pupil team from Dowdales had raised £3000 to go to Tanzania, so the incentive was there.

Fred Winkfield said there was  confusion over the 16yr age limit on entrants.
Alan Todd said we could use social media and websites  to promote TDF.

Frank Randall thought that individual contacts was the right recruitment pathway.
Paul Silver said that we should help people to find out what Rotary is and does. Its not a secret organisation.
Mike Silver agreed and said that prospective members should come from all walks of life perhaps and not just business and retired.
Ron Duxbury mentioned  that in discussing Rotary membership, do not mention the word “Club”!! Tends to put people off. Could use Rotary GB&I Flyers, to give out at TDF. They are available gratis from Rotary GB&I.
Mark Maguire thought we should target specific age groups, early retired or about to retire.
Graham said we should look at other sporting events for publicity maybe sponsorship.
Peter Garwood said that Wellfest was a good channel to publicise Rotary , including posters in schools and school involvement.
John Calvert pointed out that all organisations, Lions, Rotary etc. had problems recruiting members.

Alan Todd pointed out that the under 16 yr old rule for TDF was due to insurance constraints, but if they (under 16yr olds) were accompanied by an adult, they could take part.

Ron Duxbury agreed with a target audience and maybe a Satellite Club for younger Rotarians, involving their families , could be the answer.
Peter Rodell mentioned about pre-retirement briefings for employees and to put Rotary on the list of ideas.
Paul Silver reiterated that people perceived Rotary as elitist and it doesn’t have to be.
Frank Randall thought we should target charitable minded people.

Alan Todd thought that the apology system should be tightened up as figure for the meals never matched members attendance at meetings. Should people be fined for not apologising?

Session ended at 7-40 pm.

reported by Rtn Frank Randall PHF