OUT MEETING - Prince of Wales Foxfield

Wed 31st October 2018 at 18.30 - 22.00

A visit to this popular hostelry.

Out Meeting - Prince of Wales, Foxfield

Just a small group of us bothered to attend the Out Meeting at Foxfield last night (31st October), Northern Rail lived up to expectations, imposing a 20 minute wait at the Barrow platform whilst they sought a driver to take it on to Carlisle . At least we were out of the rain and sat in a fairly comfortable carriage ! Curiously the trip to Foxfield took about 20 minutes and an additional 5 minutes to return. Anyway, we had the Prince of Wales more or less to ourselves (think the locals were out Trick or Treating !!) Ensconced at a great oval table by a roaring fire, incidentally kept alive by burning a  Jeffrey Archer novel (thought book burning went out of fashion last century !!). Anyway, the beer was excellent, I had a super pint or two of mild, brewed on the premises and we shared a couple of cheese boards loaded with exotic cheeses and plates of different crispbreads. Between munching, quaffing and yacking time soon slipped by and before we realised it was time to catch our train back. Funny how  Colin’s Out Meetings  all seem to revolve around beer !