Rod White - Tales behind the Stones

Wed 9th January 2019 at 18.30 - 20.00

Cemeteries may not seem the best of subjects on which to talk but local historian Rod White brought the subject to life!

RETIRED Sixth Form College lecturer Rod White has spent the last few years researching the dead.
He has subsequently led several walking tours around the local cemeteries backed by informative booklets.  
Rod's talk on his hobby - The Stories behind the Stones - was well received when it opened the 2019 season at Furness Rotary Club.
The guest speaker revealed that, as the son of two history graduates, childhood days were spent touring churchyards and castles. Something he then passed on to his own offspring!
Rod showed slides of varying types of gravestones belonging to war heroes, victims of boating and rail disasters, dignitaries and ordinary folk alike, all with a tale to tell.
Research could prove frustrating at times and he pointed out that an Evening Mail report on professional footballer Jack Baggett, who died in Barrow in 1978, wrongly linked him to the 1923 White Horse FA Cup final.
With Barrow Golf Club being refurbished, the weekly meeting was held at Rotarian Peter Garwood's Michaelson House Hotel and a vote of thanks given by speaker host Graham Dixon.