Co-Presidents Sondus and Dores for the Rotary Year 2022/23.

On 1 July 2022 President Sondus Hassounah became the 6th President of Kensington and Chelsea Rotary Club. Her colleague Dores Schembri supports her as Co--President.

Sondus Hassounah and her colleague Dores Schembri begin a new cooperative approach as co-presidents of Kensington and Chelsea Rotary Club.

President Sondus has set out her goals for the 2022/23 year as:

1. Increase membership participation, reaching out and closer contacts with members.

2. Promote and increase the awareness of the club membership about Rotary activities, it’s philosophy and range of opportunities for engagement.

3. Develop and execute a fundraising plan during the Rotary year.

4. Support an international project through a Global grant.

5. Build international relationships, improve lives through projects and sponsorship that supports the five Rotary causes through action:

Cause 1: Prompting peace Cause 2: Fighting disease,

Cause 3: Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene Cause 4: Saving mothers and children,

Cause 5: Supporting education,

Cause 6: Growing economies

6. Develop and circulate a monthly newsletter to establish better communication with members and encourage non-members to support the club activities.

7. Reach out to local clubs for joint meetings and joint activities.

8. Work towards establishing and developing youth activities in the club: Organise a RYLA event or sponsor a Rotaract club.

9. Increase membership by 2-3 members during the Rotary year.

10. Increase membership service-project engagement by least 30% (approx. 10) to participate in various activities during the Rotary year.

11. Join at least one Rotarian Action Group (RAG) during the Rotary year.

12. Support at least 2 members to participate in leadership development programs or activities during the Rotary year.

13. District conference attendance: at least 1 member to attend the Rotary conference.

14. At least one club members to join a Rotary Fellowship during the Rotary year.

15. At least 3 club committee chairs to attend the district training assembly.

16. At least £100 will be contributed to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund by the club and its members during the Rotary year.

17. Host at least 1 Rotary Youth Exchange student.

18. Continuously update online presence to accurately reflect current activities (website + social media).

19. Hold at least 2 social activities outside of regular club meetings during the Rotary year.

20. Effectively use Rotary International's advertising and public service materials, such as broadcast videos, print ads, and other 
official materials available in the Brand Center, to promote Rotary in your community during the Rotary year.

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