The Rotary Club of Southport Links, 2017 -18


Team photo June 2018


Richard Kowalski, Phil Holloway, Gary Parker, Graham Barron, Roger Haydock, Upendra(Nick)Pati, Ian Grierson,Mike Green,Bob Theckston, David Russell, Barrie Rive, David Landy, Chris Sumner, Barrie Swan, Eddie Snape, Ann Allatt, Alan Barber, Klaus Sedat, Andrew Greenyer, Doug Cottrell, Tom Farley.


Bill Thomas, Geoff Bigg, John Tarpey (President) Patricia McAuliffe (President Elect), Julie Graham (ADG) John Neale.

Club Members absent from Photograph.

Jim Atty, John Bambery, Mike Barber, Stuart Barber (Honorary), Ted Baybutt (Honorary), Steve Bond (Honorary), Robin Carter, Paul Cleworth, John Doyle, Alan Fowler, John Heddon, Jan Impanni, Steve Langton, Jeff MacCalman, Ted Mason, Nick Philpott, Phil Reilly, David Taylor, Martin Taylor, Peter Whelan,  Dale Worthington.

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