Ebola food project

When Sierra Leone was ravaged by the Ebola virus, St Fittick Rotary Club stepped in to help impoverished communities and families

St. FIttick Rotary Club has been involved in Sierra Leone for a number of years, working with the local charity, Kids Action.  Kids Action was formed to help orphaned and displaced children during and after the civil war there which raged from 1991 to 2002 leaving over 50,000 dead. 

This project was unplanned and arose from a plea for help from Mrs Weaver from Rotifunk, who was running our ‘goats and chicken’ projects at the time and saw at first hand impoverished communities being ravaged by the effects of the ebola virus.

We started this project with little idea just how great an impact it would have. With support from club funds (£7,000) and the generosity of other clubs and individuals the project sum raised £23,163.

This project to provide food and other items to victims of Ebola in Sierra Leone has saved many communities devastated by Ebola. Funds were channelled through Rotary Club of Freetown who supervised the project. We leave the last word to Mrs Amelia Weaver whose hard work and dedication has been crucial to its success.

“There are lot of widows and survivors in these communities. I am telling you, hunger is now the biggest battle to be fought in these communities, and that is what we have set out to tackle in our own little way”.




Ebola orphans


Ebola Orphans receiving food



Emergency food delivery



Further food delivery



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