Business Partnership Initiative - Eco Bottle Greenhouse

Long Bennington Primary School Eco greenhouse

Long Bennington Primary School Eco greenhouse

The Rotary Business Partnership is designed to enable the business community fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility objectives by engaging in projects benefiting the local community.   

The Eco Bottle Greenhouse initiative has successfully established a project that is ideally suited for Schools and Business. The Eco Bottle Greenhouse project helps Schools meet National Curriculum guidelines. Schools have limited funds and so they need our help to fund and build these valuable additions to the Education system. We have joined forces with a manufacturer of school equipment to supply each greenhouse kit at a cost of £275 + VAT. The children collect the plastic bottles and learn about recycling. With a volunteer force requirement of 4-6 people for 1 day it is ideal for small companies to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives without a huge commitment.

The Rotary Club of Newark Castle can broker and oversee the project making a difference for Schools and the Business Community. The Junior section of a Primary School is the most likely to benefit from an Eco greenhouse but it is possible that other age groups may be interested.

It is possible for the school to recover the VAT if they place the order on the Rotary order form accompanied by other official order forms that the school or company is required to use.

The school children are expected to engage with the project by the collection of 1,300 2 litre round plastic bottles. These will need their labels removed and the bottom cut off. This can be done by anyone, including the children, but needs to be completed by the time of assembly. Because of the quantity required it may be necessary to get more people involved with this task such as parents, families and friends. 

As mentioned construction volunteers should consist of 4 people with an estimated two days to complete the work. The greenhouse needs to be ordered a month before the assembly date.  

Insurance cover for all those involved on the construction is necessary. Organisations must ensure employees are covered by their insurance, including public liability. Alternatively they can be registered as Associate members of Newark Castle and be covered by Rotary insurance.


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