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How we contribute to Rotary's international impact

Touching lives and adding smiles

New Malden Rotary’s International Service Team regularly reviews its criteria to maximise value for donations to the many charities needing our support. 

Recently we confirmed our continuing support for Lendwithcare a microfinance charity which supports multiple small-scale entrepreneurs working in their own communities in many developing countries, notably in Africa and Latin America. Our record of repayment is outstanding, allowing further help to more local micro-projects.

Disaster relief: support for organisations providing relief following natural disasters is always on the agenda for Rotary. Funds have been committed to Shelter Box (providing shelter and essentials for families after emergencies) in Haiti and Turkey/Syria (earthquakes), Pakistan (floods) and refugees in other countries.  For more on how Shelter Box operates in areas suffering from disaster follow this link

Health: we support Lifeline Express, providing free operations to afflicted people across India, and Mercy Ships operating in Africa, providing over 3000 free surgeries and medical capacity-building for over 220,000 participants, in a year. To see more go to 

Ukraine: need for humanitarian assistance to Ukraine has been great, with around 18 million Ukrainians in need. We have supported, via Rotary in Ukraine, notably the Moshchun village recovery project and mine detection and clearance, to help children attend school.

Sand Dams: we have been long term supporters, helping over 1 million people in drylands help themselves to access clean water for life.

International Country Committees (ICCs) form links between Rotarians in Great Britain and Ireland and other countries. New Malden members are involved in planning and organising two links, with Spain (Nick Higgins) and Bulgaria (Ivaylo Valev). Support has been given to the charity Aspire Mama Africa, helping women and children in Morocco, via Marbella Cosmopolitan Rotary, through the Spanish link.

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