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The backbone of club life

The Rotary Club of New Malden is split into two entities, the club and the charity fund. The finances of the latter are fully segregated from those of the club and both sets of accounts are subject to an independent audit. However, the club bears all the costs of the charity fund in order to ensure that 100% of donations raised are passed on to appropriate beneficiaries.

The club's Council includes the President, the Immediate Past President, the Secretary and Treasurer, and the chairmen of five committees, Club Service, Fund Raising, Youth Service, Community Service and International. All other members are assigned to one of the five committees and a few also serve on the Council.

Club Service is responsible for the day to day running of the club and has members assigned to the following functions:

Management of the rota for duty officers and the pay desk – these members ensure that the meeting room is set up, record attendance and collect any payments

Membership – this member is responsible for overseeing the introduction of potential members to the club and the induction of new members

Members' welfare – through this member the club keeps in touch with current and former members during periods of illness or other problems

Sports - Members meet with nearby Rotary clubs in a number of competitions including golf, skittles, darts, table tennis, dominoes and cribbage

Social – the club has a social programme, the main events being the Christmas Party, President's Evening, President's Swansong, and a programme of visits to places of interest

Speakers – During the last two weeks of the month, we have speakers who cover various interesting subjects and often represent a charity which the club is supporting. When there is a fifth Monday in the month, members’ partners are invited as well as a speaker

Bulletin Editor – a monthly newsletter is produced, including sections for the local Inner Wheel Club

Public Relations – this member maintains contact with the local press and arranges for publicity material to be issued to the press, the Village Voice, and Radio Jackie

Information Technology – this role covers maintenance of the club's website and advice about other computer related issues.

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