Paignton Larder Cheque Presentation

Cheque Presentation

Preston Rotary Club support for local foodbank.

Preston Rotary Club have presented Paignton Community Larder with a cheque for £450

The money was raised from donations from the Rotary club members and from part of the proceeds from a very successful Charity golf day at Dainton Golf Club

Yvonne Childs, the President of Preston Rotary Club, explained that once a month their club members  bring along  food - tinned, packet, jars - to their club meeting for onward donation  to the Larder and in that time they  have presented over 800 items of food.  The Club have recently added an option for members to donate cash which the Larder then use to help replenish their food stocks.

Preston Rotary together with Paignton Rotary Club also help out with deliveries of food parcels to those people deemed to be in crisis and who can’t get to the foodbank.

Anita Davies, who runs Paignton Community Larder, with the backing of a group of dedicated helpers, thanked the Rotarians and added “we are extremely grateful for the huge support we receive from Rotary and our local community who want to help those in difficult circumstances. We have seen a continuous rise in the demand for our help and have provided 1,183 food parcels in the first 12 months since we started the Larder. This equates to over 28,000 meals.  Since the introduction of Universal Credit we have seen an even bigger increase in the need for our help”. 

The photograph shows Yvonne Childs, President of the Preston Rotary Club presenting Anita Davies with their cheque for £450.

For further information on the work of the Larder and how you can help please contact Anita on 01803 551866 or see their Facebook page. 

Further donation from special Corona Virus fund  * Please click here for details*