Charter Night Celebration

Our Founder Members

On Tuesday the 4th of December, members of Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club and their guests celebrated the clubs 30th Charter year in the welcoming atmosphere of Cameley Lodge.
The Club that was first Chartered in1988, originally started with 24 Charter Members and now 30 years later enjoy a membership of 60. 28 meeting at The Carpenters Arms every Tuesday and 32 Satellite members. Split between their Satellite clubs in Cam Valley and the Garth. By taking this innovative Satellite approach to membership in 2017/18, it has allowed the club the opportunity to offer potential Rotarians a flexibility to membership that was not available 30 years ago. While still retaining the core values and Objective of Rotary - SERVICE ABOVE SELF.
On the evening they celebrated the clubs 30 years of service in the community and Internationally they took the opportunity to acknowledge 10 Charter Members who are still active members of the club today. It is on their shoulders that Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club was built and we are delighted to say continues to grow by attracting new members throughout the year. The 10 original charter members honoured on the Charter night were ; Dennis Warren - Richard Curtis - George Klepp - Roger Owen - - Rob Taylor - - Bob Wright - Jim Farmer - Adrian Miller - Ken Biggs - John Poling
If you are interested in an active fellowship within the community and would like to know more about the flexibility now available within the membership of Rotary, contact is on   where a warm welcome awaits you.