Charity Presentations

Presentations to local charities during the Rotary year

Charitable Presentations 2018/19

August 2019 

Past President Tony presents a club cheque to Tom Tooley of RNLI, being the last of the funds raised during his presidential year.


August 2019 

President Dinah Scudder presented a club cheque to Angela Bragg on behalf of the Bromley Brighter Beginnings Charity

August 2019 

Rotarian Trevor Thorman presented a club cheque to Guy Wilkins on behalf of the Marjorie McClure School. 

August 2019

President elect Michele Odell presented a club cheque to Laura Gleeson on behalf of Young Carers in Bromley.

July 2019

President Dinah Scudder presented a club cheque to Clare Lehore on behalf of the Bromley Food Bank scheme.

July 2019

President elect Michele Odell and Rotarian Nick Randall presented a club cheque to the Magpie Adult Choreographer.

April 2019

Past President Tony Power presened a cheque to Ms. Pauline Allard for the charity. Pauline who is a retired nurse, gave a fascinating talk about the work of this local charity.



November 2018

Past President Tony Power presented a cheque to Dr. Roger Altingham for the charity, Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide, following a fascinating talk about anaesthesia.


October 2018 

Past President Tony Power and Geoff Moore presented a cheque for £1,500.00 from Rotary Beckenham to the Freddie Farmer Foundation (main picture). The donation will go towards a bedsit they are building to enable parents and disabled children to stay at the centre rather than hotels. Typically a course of physio takes two weeks so a stay on site will reduce stress and travel and be cheaper than hotel accommodation.


October 2018 

Rotary Beckenham presented a cheque for £360.00 in Battersea Park, by way of a donation to the skating charity Wheels & Wheelchairs.In partnership with Wheels & Wheelchairs, Rotarian peter Braithwaite and other skaters take children supported by the Demelza Hospice, Freddie Farmer Foundation and RhizoKids International for exciting rides around the park, pushed along at pace by the skaters.



Nov 2016 Freddie Farmer 

We have donated £1,500 to the Freddie Farmer Foundation, specifically for the Physiotherapy Centre, which provides intensive physiotherapy programmes for disabled children aged 3-16.The centre is one of only a handful of independent UK therapy centres offering specialist equipment and therapeutic exercises, supporting disabled children from all over London and the South-East.

Rotary Beckenham is proud to support the Foundation and is helping to fund a LokoHelp electromechanical gait trainer that was developed to relieve therapist's labour intensive task of guiding the patients legs during locomotion therapy. Locomotion therapy using the LokiHelp not only assist therapist, but also improves gait symmetry and the quality of therapy for the patient.
Pictured with Freddie is Geoff Moore and David Hynes after putting up a sign confirming Rotary Beckenham’s support to the Foundation. Want to help Freddie? To find more visit



Sept 2016 Amaze Penge

Amaze Penge took 17 very excited children and there families to Chessington on the 2 September. We had a terrific time and the feedback was really good from all the families.

A party of eight were late so they didn't make the photo plus six of the children were playing in the tent behind us. Thank you to all Beckenham Rotarians,



April 2015 CASPA

In the picture above, Robert Barnes hands a cheque for £1,000 from Rotary Beckenham to representatives from CASPA..This is a local branch of the charity, which looks after the needs of autistic children and their families.
Over recent years their work has expanded significantly and they now look after some 250 families, so our club support is much needed.
CASPA's success is highlighted by the children who go on to further education or find work; one has just qualified as a paramedic. Their rented premises is now full and there is a long waiting list for those wanting to join, so further help would enable relief to be given to struggling families.


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