Rotary Cycle Training Track

Inverness Culloden Rotary Club have submitted a proposal for inclusion in the Torvean and Ness-side Development plan. The proposal is for a children’s cycle training track to be included in the plan as part of the community development

A similar scheme is already in use in Dunfermline, where it is highly praised, and well used, by countless families who take their children there to train them how to cycle safely on the road, before allowing them on roads with traffic.  The park is laid out with a system of miniature roads with junctions, cross-roads and roundabouts (as a normal road would have).  Included in the road network are stop signs, zebra crossings and the associated warning signage.  It is, in fact, a road network in miniature.  

Parents take their children there and teach them the meaning of the warning signs and how to approach road junctions, roundabouts and zebra crossings; how to take care when there are hazards on the roads and how to cycle safely in traffic.  It is an excellent training ground for safe cycling before the children transfer onto a real road system.

An area such as this would greatly enhance the facilities available for youngsters in the city as well as provide an excellent meeting point for children, and families, of all ages.

Inverness Culloden Rotary Club is willing to fundraise, through sponsorship, the cost of the project (in part or in whole)

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