Malawi Clean Water Project

Malawi Paintings for Sale

These paintings have been brought from Malawi in order to raise funds for a Rotary Club clean water project.  The artists are all Malawi born and bred.  Our Club has spent in excess of £70,000 to date, building water pumps and toilets in villages and schools; providing the villages with a nutrition garden and seeds to grow nutritious food; training villagers on how to maintain their water pump and training them on good hygiene practices such as hand washing after visiting the toilet.  These measures have saved many lives, particularly of young children who often die through lack of clean water and diarrhoea type diseases.  We are now fundraising for phase 3 of the project and all monies from the sale of the paintings will go towards the project.  We hope to raise around £50,000 for this phase from donations and sales.  Details of the 2017 project can be found here

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