Our Projects/ Toilets for Bangwe

What a relief!

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In 2017 the Rotaract Club of Blantyre developed a project to provide ECO toilets at Bangwe CCAP school in Blantyre.

With just over 2,500 pupils - 1,250 boys and 1,300 girls - the school had 20 pit latrines of which only two were functional, one for each sex. Together with Blantyre Rotary Club, the Rotaract Club proposed to build two units of Ecosan toilets, which are a more sustainable option than pit latrines. They last twenty years and are designed in such a way that the waste can be harvested after six months and used for manure. The Clubs also ran courses on the proper use of the toilets.

The cost of the project was approximately £5,300. Burton Rotary Club donated £2,600, and secured a District Foundation Grant of £1,000 in addition. The Rotary Club and Rotaract Club of Blantyre provided the remaining funding. Work was completed in 2018.