Dragon Boat Captain's Pack with all the information you need for the 26th May

Copy of the Captain's pack which has been sent to all registered Team Captains - contains sponsor forms, team registration, flag details and lots more.

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This page conatins links to all the information recently sent to Captains:

First the wrapper for all the forms!:  Captains_Pack_wrapper_2019.pdf

2) Q&A s sheet : Dragon_Boat_Challenge_QA_Captains_Pack_2019.pdf

3) Information for participants : Information_for_Clients_and_participants_v1.10.pdf

4) Team registration form and waiver : Team_Registration_Waiver_2019.pdf

5) Disabled waiver form : Disabled_waiver_2018.pdf

6) Sponsor form : Manual_Sponsor_Template_2019_Tax_Declaration_updated.pdf

7) "Wonderful" on line sponsorship details : Wonderful_Instructions_2019.pdf

8)  Details of flags you can fly on the boats : flag_details_2019.pdf

9) Corporate sponsorship opportunities : 2019_Sponsorship_opportunities_v2.pdf