What we do for budding entrepreneurs

Providing core funding to finance Microfinance to budding entrepreneurs in impoverished parts of the world

Lend with Care Microfinance

Microfinance is usually aimed at economically active poor and low-income people who have limited or no access to the services provided by formal financial intermediaries such as banks. Since there are so few salaried work opportunities, they are usually self-employed microentrepreneurs often working from home. Typically, they operate small businesses such as grocery shops, market stalls, car repair, carpentry or other workshops, and in rural areas they tend to focus on food processing, agriculture and raising livestock and poultry. Around two-thirds of microfinance clients worldwide are women.

To date Northwich Rotary have provided in excess of £5,000 in loan funding to help individuals work their way out of poverty and support their families with dignity.