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Schoolgirls routinely miss school because they are unable to afford menstrual products. We are getting together to make reusable fabric sanitary pads here in Monmouth and sending them to Egypt before September 2019 for the start of the new academic year.

Rotary Monmouth have decided to support 250 girls aged 9-18 in a small village near Edfu, Egypt.

They want to stop young girls from dropping out of school and encourage them to continue their education. Schoolgirls routinely miss school because they are unable to afford menstrual products. Children as young as nine were choosing to stay at home to avoid the embarrassment resulting from inadequate sanitary protection; sanitary products are an unaffordable luxury so girls end up going to school using socks stuffed with tissues, old rags or even newspapers! The resulting loss of confidence has a direct effect on girls’ success, self confidence, happiness and ambition and can lead to anxiety, depression and sometimes bullying. It also means that many girls lack even basic education. Two hour training sessions were held for groups of 25 girls shown in some of the photos.

Women from Rotary Monmouth and Monmouth WIs and further afield made reusable fabric sanitary pads here in Monmouth and they were delivered to Egypt in October. Rotary Monmouth also thanks the Carol Singers of Wesh Newton for their recent support for this project. 

Meanwhile Rotary Monmouth will help a group of local women in the village to set up in business making their own sanitary pads. 

This relates to four of Rotary International’s six areas of focus: water and sanitation, disease prevention and treatment, child health and basic education and literacy.

Rotary Monmouth are calling this The Nefertiti Project. It is named after Nefertiti, the ancient Egyptian queen renowned for her beauty who was born near Edfu in upper Egypt.

If you wish to take part or want to donate towards this project here are some facts

  • There are 250 girls in the local village school in Nagaalarab, Edfu.
  • We have calculated that each girl will need five fabric reusable pads to last them for a whole year.
  • The pads will be provided in a small waterproof pouch for hygiene and privacy.
  • The cost per pack will be approximately £8 per girl.

To donate to The Nefertiti Project 2019  please 

Donate by card or paypal here (redirects to fundraising page)

or pay by bank transfer as follows:

Rotary Monmouth at Lloyds Bank

Sort code:30-95-71

Account: 13417260

quoting reference Nefertiti

From September 2019 we will also be collecting money to go towards the set up of a new business in Nagaalarab, Edfu making sanitary pads for local women. The estimated cost for this business setup is £2000.

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