Doug hands over the Presidents Office to Mike

A few words from our incoming President Mike Hedges

I am proud and indeed very honoured to have been appointed President of the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge for the year 2019/20 and indeed this is the second occasion upon which I have had the privilege to lead the club, the last being in 2011.  A lot has changed in Rotary in the intervening eight years much of which is aimed at making the Rotary movement relevant to the modern lifestyle and interests of the next generation of potential Rotarians. To ensure that we have active and interesting Clubs that will  attract new and younger members we must be seen as relevant to todays needs and attractive to potential members.  At Chelwood Bridge we are fortunate to have an active and diverse programme of works and activities ranging from those on the worldwide platform such as the Water Survival Project and our support for sand dam construction through to very local based initiatives such as providing dictionaries to our primary schools and supporting individuals in our town and villages who slip through the net of statutory support. All these initiatives will continue during the forthcoming year plus a  and wide range of other activities and I look forward to leading the Club for the next busy twelve months.

Update from Past President Doug - A Year in Reflection

A review of the Rotary Year 2018/19

On Tuesday evening (2nd of July ) Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club President. Douglas Nash before handing over to the new President 2019/20) Mike Hedges thanked the membership for their support and reviewed the Rotary Year 2018/19

He started by remembering old friend. For during the year two highly thought of members past away. So in July 2018 we celebrated the life of our member Richard Clark in a musical celebration in Blagdon. And again on the 6th of March 2019 we celebrated the life of Barry Gillett at a service in Pensford

Our oldest member John Polling went into a nursing home in 2018 and although now unable to attend meetings, was made an Honoured Member of Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club.

Some of the memorable events during the year included in 

DECEMBER 2018 - The clubs celebration of its 30th Year as a Club ( Our Charter Night) in which 10 of our original members who are still members of the club received recognition.

FEBRUARY 2019 - WSB Trustees entertained Rotary members of WSB Switzerland when they visited Chelwood Bridge

MARCH 2019 - Cam Valley Satellite Club held its Inauguration night - 11 new Rotarians were introduced to the district.

APRIL 2019 - Y Garth Induction evening took place welcoming 9 new club members bringing their membership to 28

APRIL 2019 - Twining weekend, where we welcomed members of our Twined club from Bordeaux to Chelwood Bridge.

Our goal to enlarge our membership by thinking laterally has been a success 

By March 2019. Farrington Satellite Club had enough members to start Cam Valley Satellite Club -10 full members and 1 associate member

By April 2019 Garth Satellite Club reaches 24 members, and started the process of becoming a Rotary club in its own right

And by May 2019  The mother club “Chelwood Bridge” has 28 members. Bringing the total membership at the end of June 2019 to 63

On the 1st of July we Introduce 24 of our members to Region 1150.

(Y Garth leave the Mother Club and gain their Charter on the 12th of July 2019 and by doing so move from District 1200 to District 1150)

Promoting our presence in the community (providing marshals)

By scheduling joint activities. Members from Cam Valley and Chelwood bridge had provided support at;

The Clutton Flower Show- August 2018

Farington Park Firework display- November 2018

Chew Valley School Christmas Santa run - December 2018

Bath Half Marathon - March 2019

Pensford 10k - April 2019.

We also:

 Created a New Sign for the Carpenters Arms 

 Produced high-vis Branded Tabards & 10 jackets

  • started to develop “Friend of Chelwood BridgeRotary Club ”programme (this includes a community section on our website)
  • Created New Online - Member Information Notes 2018/19

- 11 published pieces in this Rotary year on CIRCA 1200


AUGUST 2018 - We enlisted the help of Denise Perrin, who is the Village Agent Project Manager of (WERN) West of England Rural network 

  1. We gave financial help to Mrs M who was recovering from breast cancer treatment and required care support for Lymphedema in her right arm. The club financed 6 treatment sections helping her to gained the benefit of continued use of her arm, a manageable level of pain and a reasonable active life.

B)   We financed the buying an adjustable bed for a lady who due to her circumstances had not slept in a bed for many months.

C) As a stop gap we financed 4 privet counselling sections for a young girl with behaviour problems..

Legacy Projects  Continued 

1) The financial help we give to Maria in Malawi through World Vision. 

2)  Our commitment with the Lend With Care programme.

3)  Our own international charity Water Survival Box.

4) 2 RAYLA candidate + Andrews Youth work

5) Encyclopaedia programme for local schools

6) School Football tournament (and the New Barry Gillett Cup)

7) The Big Breakfast

8) Presented the Community Award to Peter Yeates - Organiser of the Double Hills Memorial Event

9) Sand dam project

10) Young Enterprise

11) RNLI

Ongoing fund-raising events   (of special note )

  1. The Auction of promises (£2,621) 
  2. Easter Egg campaign (£2,856)
  3. Golf Day (£1179)
  4. Big Breakfast (£983)


In Special appreciation the following awards were given 

1)                                   Presidents Appreciation Award  

Presidents choice based on outstanding contribution

Presented to the Most Active Non Council Member in his Rotary Year

Presented to SPIKE PARKER

2)  The Fellowship Cup for the member who in the Presidents opinion has contributed most to the fellowship of the club on a leading project.

Presented to MARTIN PARKER (The Easter Egg Project)

4)   The Visiting Cup - given to the member who visits many clubs and / or districts. Bringing the goodwill of the Club to other Rotarians. 

Presented to TONY QUINN