Visit to the Alfred Enderby Smoke House

Mon 2nd September 2019 at 5.00 pm - 10.00 pm

A tour of the smoke house and an opportunity to sample smoked haddock fish cakes at Docks Beers tap room.

Guided Tour

Some 40 rotarians and guests enjoyed a guided tour of the Alfred Enderby smoke house at Maclure Street DN31 3NE.   Owner Patrick Salmon spoke of the origins of smoking as a means of preserving fish and how the process has developed over the years.  The traditional artisan method used by Enderby's inolves slowly smoking the fish overnight in a brick smokehouse to infuse a delicate flavour that cannot be achieved by modern factory methods.

Patrick took us through an entertaining explanation and demonstration of the process from procuring the right quality of fish to the packaging of the finished product   

International Recognition

Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock has been given protected geographical status and therefore cannot be produced elsewhere.  Alfred  Enderby Smoked Haddock has been awarded 2 stars, classing it as 'outstanding above and beyond delicious' and their smoked salmon has been awarded the maximum 3 stars.

Smoked Salmon Carving and Tasting

Our tour finished with a demonstration of smoked salmon carving, some recipe hints and an opportunity to taste the finished product.  Further information can be found on the Alfred Enderby Website.

Fishcakes and Mushy Peas

Following our visit to the smokehouse, we retired to Docks Beers in King Edward Street where we were served with Alfred Enderby Smoked Haddock fish cakes, with mushy peas, pickles and bread roll from the 'Ro-Ro' boat mobile kitchen.  After which rotarian Will Douglas gave a short explanation of the brewing process and tour of the brewery.

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