Lairangi Tank Refurbishment Project

Restoring nine rainwater harvesting tanks in Kenya


The semi-arid northern parts of Mt. Kenya have experienced persistent droughts, which have culminated in food insecurity, water scarcity, diminishing sources of household income (economic challenge), and environmental degradation leading to poverty and vulnerability among our community. 

Previous interventions by the community and development partners to address the need to have clean water for domestic use resulted in the construction of 115 water ferrocement tanks over ten years ago. However, the structures have since become obsolete because of leakages, thus leaving the community with a lack of clean drinking water. 

To address these ensuing threats to their livelihoods, some of the affected farmers came together to form a community-based organization, Lairangi Environmental Conservation (LEC), to collectively develop and formulate strategies to address their problems. LEC is working with Friends of Kianjai in order to receive assistance with fundraising and technical support. 

Our Project

The Rotary Club of Sittingbourne, working through the Friends of Kainjai, financed the provision of tank liners and guttering to bring nine leaky tanks back into use. This work was completed in 2019.