Satellite Club presentation

Chesterfield Rotary Club had lost 40% of its members, had an average age of 75, only 6/7 were active members and found it extremely difficult to recruit new younger members. Therefore, they took the decision to try and form a satellite club.

Our guest speaker on Tuesday night 20th August was Paul Davies, the Secretary of Chesterfield Satellite Club. 
As we at Newark Castle are seriously trying to form a satellite club in Newark, we thought it would be very useful to learn from an existing club. Pleasingly Paul agreed to come and share with us the main messages of their journey to create and grow to what is now a strong and active satellite club in Chesterfield.
Paul explained their parent club – Chesterfield Rotary Club – had lost 40% of its members, had an average age of 75, only 6/7 were active members and found it extremely difficult to recruit new younger members. Therefore, they took the decision to try and form a satellite club in Chesterfield.
Initiated by a small group of parent club members, they contacted local businesses (stressing CSR and networking benefits) – children and grandchildren of members – friends and neighbours – anyone who may possibly be interested!!!!
A meeting was arranged in a town centre restaurant. Food was provided and a brief presentation on Rotary principles and activities.  There were about 20 attendees at that first meeting.  People were encouraged to come to the next meeting and bring a friend. One firm sponsored three staff members. Paul said six of the original attendees are current members.
The first meeting was held about three years ago and now have 21 members and still growing. The age range being 22- 61 (Paul is the eldest at 61!)  They are all registered as Rotarians and members of their parent club Chesterfield.  However, the satellite operates as an independent group within the Chesterfield Club but do support each other where appropriate.
The satellite club meet monthly, on a Wednesday evening at 5.30pm at their local Rugby Club. They do not have a meal but do provide a snack at £5 per person. They operate with a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer and discuss the community causes they wish to support and how, and their social events. Paul explained the many different service activities their group have undertaken. They are a very active group
Being a membership of younger professionals, they do experience mobility of members through career moves and family commitments etc, so recruitment is always on their agenda, with invitations to events, bringing along friends/colleagues, using local radio/press and now getting more active with social media.
Paul was obviously proud of their achievements during their first three years as a club and acknowledged they still had things to learn but they were equally determined to continue to enjoy themselves.
Paul delivered a professional presentation that was very timely from our point of view. We had invited three potential satellite members to listen and learn and proved to be very worthwhile, as they have agreed to meet up separately to hopefully help us take the next positive steps towards the creation of a satellite club in Newark.
John Barker

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