Dictionaries 4 Life 2019

Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club – Primary School Dictionaries

One of Rotary International’s priorities around the World is to encourage children develop their literacy skills to help them throughout their lives. Chelwood Bridge Rotary tries to meet this aim by presenting illustrated dictionaries to local Primary School pupils. Children have a personal copy to encourage them to investigate the meaning of words, widening and developing their vocabulary.
The Dictionary4Life is produced by Usborne and contains over 10,000 entries and 1,000 illustrations. As well as the illustrated dictionary section, it has a user’s guide, a section on parts of speech and a section of hints and guidelines on writing in English. The dictionary is a result of the Rotary International’s priority to help improve standards of literacy throughout the world.
During the first month of the new School Year, presentations have already been made to pupils in four local Primary Schools - Cameley, Chew Magna, Chew Stoke and Pensford. We hope to make more presentations later in the Autumn.