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The scrubland scrubbed up!

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Together with East Midlands Railway, East Staffordshire Borough Council, The National Forest, and Burton and South Derbyshire College we are working on improvements to Burton Railway Station.  When complete, it is intended that the Rotary Club and wider community will adopt the station and maintain the improvements.

The words for a new sculpture have now been chosen

(The picture is a mock-up, showing how the sculpture will look.)

As part of the regeneration, students at Burton and South Derbyshire College were tasked to design a sculpture that not only represents the area’s four national centres - The National Arboretum, The National Brewery Centre, The National Forest and St. George’s Park - but is memorable and aesthetically pleasing.

The winning design by Kyle Nevitt is based on a series of words, chosen by competition and relating to the national centres located in or close to Burton.


  • the jungle at the western end of the station has been cleared, ready for progress in the spring;
  • Burton Rotary Club has provided two new planters with plants supplied by East Staffordshire Borough Council;
  • three students at the Burton and South Derbyshire College have drawn up plans for a sculpture to form part of a new landscaped area at the western end of the station.  The sculpture's brief was to recognise the four 'Nationals' in the area, The National Arboretum, The National Football Centre, The National Forest and The National Brewing Centre.
  • The timetable for improvements to the bulding depends on the council, and for platform refurbishment on Network Rail.

In 2020 the Burton Railway Station Enhancement project was awarded a £33,000 grant from the government Neighbourhood Fund for 2019-2020, administered by East Staffordshire Borough Council, to move to the third and final stage.   This involved obtaining all the necessary approvals to carry out the work (such as planning approval, approval of Network Rail and East Midlands Trains), together with quotations for the various elements. The money has to be spent by March 2021.   Bowmer & Kirkland started work in November 2020.

Negotiations were complicated by a change of franchise in 2019, and the possible re-opening of the Ivanhoe line from Burton to Leicester.

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