Thank you Vanitorials!

After a chance conversation with an employee, Vanitorials MD Dave Clark leapt at the opportunity to help a local charity with its efforts

Dave (left)  heard how at a recent charity event put on by the Rotary Club of Wickford, a laptop belonging to a Rotary Club member was damaged, and how the Club had decided that rather than  putting members’ equipment at risk they should acquire their own laptop. Club Treasurer Chris Bushell takes up the story:

“At our regular Quiz evening held at The Chichester once a month which has raised about £4000 per year for in excess of 30 years, a member’s laptop was being used to help run the evening, and was knocked off a desk. While the laptop still worked, the casing got cracked, and we felt that it was time for the Club to acquire its own machine rather than rely on the goodwill of its members.

When Dave heard of this through an idle chat with an employee he was keen to help, and arranged to find a laptop which was surplus to requirements. While secondhand machines can be bought relatively cheaply now, every penny we don’t have to spend on running our events is another penny which goes to our charities”

This isn’t the first time Vanitorials, which sells and delivers janitorial supplies to businesses in London and the Home Counties, has come to the aid of charity; every year the office and retail unit on the Manor Industrial Estate in South Benfleet runs a Coffee morning for staff and customers in aid of McMillan, as well as supporting other charities over the 28 years since its inception

Dave said “It’s great to be able to help in whatever way we can; we’re glad to be able to do it.”

Thank you Vanitorials!