The Living River Foundation

The Living River Foundation is a local not for profit organisation set up to monitor and raise awareness to protect and improve the Thames and Medway rivers.

Our Speaker at this week's meeting was Tanya Ferry from After she had sailed around the British coast with 11 other women surveying the state of our river estuaries, she wanted to tackle the plastic pollution problem. Consequently she and her husband, a boat man on the Thames, started the Living River Foundation. The website explains all they do in practical terms, their main aim being to raise awareness in order to improve the Thames and the Medway rivers. 

Tanya explained the great work they are currently doing in our area including a litter boom in the St Mary's Island Marina and a litter sea bin near to the Water Sports Centre.  In additon the Foundation was working with Chatham Maritime Trust and other local organisations to reduce the litter on the shores and in the estuary.  They also run workshops to inform on how we can all do our bit to reduce the microplastics in our seas.  Plans are afoot for "reverse vending" to recognise the return of recyclable plastic bottles and ways of reducing the amount of plastics used in the first place.

Take a look at their website for more information and for ways that you can help them raise funds in many different ways through recycling -