The Rotary Club of Falmouth support charities such as Shelterbox, Air Ambulance, Age Concern, Dracaena Centre, Salvation Army and the Cornwall Hospices. Last year we supported an NGO - Action Against Hunger for the blast victims in Beirut.

Food Parcels for the Dracaena Centre


Rotary Club of Falmouth Benevolent Fund

Funds for our supported charities are held in the Rotary Club of Falmouth Benevolent Fund. Every year at Christmas we collect in town and at the local supermarkets - accompanied by our colourful Christmas Float, Santa Claus and Christmas music! 

Donations sub-pages:

Dracaena Centre

Falmouth Rotary Support During Covid-19

more The Rotary Club of Falmouth helped to support vulnerable people during the Covid-19 crisis. The club transferred funds totalling £3300 to the town’s Salvation Army Centre, Falmouth Age Concern and the Dracaena Centre.

Dracaena Centre

more Falmouth Rotary work with the Dracaena Centre to support their projects with the poor and needy of Falmouth.

Cornwall Hospices

more Falmouth Rotary continues to support the Children’s Hospice SW and the Cornwall Hospice Care for adults.


more Falmouth Rotary support Aquabox to bring clean water to those in need.

Donation 2022

Salvation Army

more Falmouth Rotary continue to support the Salvation Army

Truro Shelterbox


more Falmouth Rotary regularly contribute to Shelterbox. Over the years we have donated in excess of £35000.

Air Ambulance

Cornwall Air Ambulance

more Falmouth Rotary has donated £1000 to Cornwall Air Ambulance