Kinamba Project - update from Meg Fletcher

a letter from Meg thanking our club for continued support.

Dear friends

Update on the emergency food aid programme, April 19th 2020

First of all I want to say the biggest possible thank you for your most generous response to our emails about the emergency food programme.

There is absolutely no doubt about in my mind about the vital importance of this support for the families because on asking for information from Kigali I am informed that our families are not getting any government distributed food aid. The fact that people who are not part of the project came to ask for help is a sobering and disturbing event.

We can do what we can, save the lives and health of a few in the hope that they in their turn will help others in need in the future; I am sure that many will. 

We will make our third distribution on Wednesday of next week. By then we will have spent almost
£10,000 and we have a fourth distribution planned. Some of the cost is offset by two monthly food bills of £850 which is unused at the moment. 

Some have remarked that this seems a lot of money – indeed it is, but each family is receiving £15 worth of supplies, namely 10 kilos of maize flour, 5 kilos of beans, a litre of oil and 2 medicated soaps
Here you can see one parent with his family allowance and pictures of the items bought to distribute.
Staff have worked to help our families understand the importance of hygiene (we have installed two hand washing stations) and of social distancing, though that is a very severe challenge to our families which live in densely populated areas in small houses with narrow pathways and many people sharing living and sleeping places.

Stay very safe and healthy please. Love and peace to all, Meg