The Age of the Computer

Written by Colin Greenhalgh


The Age of the Computer

When I was given my computer I did not know how to use it.
I did not appreciate its potential and therefore played with it as a toy rather than a tool.

Gradually I learnt to develop the possibilities in my computer.
I began to use the storage banks and file the information for retrieval at a later date.

It has been essential to me financially, professionally and
Even emotionally. I use it for work and for pleasure.

It has attracted a number of viruses, all of which have been
"cured" either by patience and perseverance or,  occasionally,
by seeking expert help or advice.
It is linked to a word processor which on many occasions,
Has caused me problems.
My computer is not a cumbersome desktop or even a dainty
Laptop. It is mounted on one column which rises from my
shouders to the top of my head.

It is my 1937 - model neck top computer.

Colin Greenhalgh