Theodora Children's Charity

Providing 'Giggle Doctors' for children in hospitals and hospices

Ellen from Theodora Children's Charity explaining the work of Giggle Doctors to our club members

What is a Giggle Doctor?

During a recent club meeting, Ellen from Theodora Children's Charity explained to club members the work of the Giggle Doctors.

Theodora Children's Charity was founded bt 2 brothers in memory of their mother Theodora Poulie.  When one of the brothers was hospitaised as a child, Theodora brought games, stories and songs to his bedside through her daily visits.  Theodora inspired her sons to bring magical moments to all sick and disabled children.

Giggle Doctors are professional performers, highly trained to work in hopital and hospice environments.  They come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring with them a variety of skills.  Amongst the team are actors, magicians, musicians and entertainers.

The aims of the Giggle Doctor programme are to improve the chidren's experience of hospital, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing opportunities for play and generally improving well-being.

The Giggle Doctors visit hospitals, hospices as well as specialist care centres for children with brain injuries and severe epilepsy who need 24 hour individual care.

Currently 33 000 children a year receive a visit form a Giggle Doctor.  Ellen wanted our club members to spread the word about the work of the charity. For further information please contact, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.