Monmouth Fountains Scheme

Drinking water fountains will enhance Monmouth as an attractive place to live, work and visit and reduce plastic waste

The water fountain project comes from ideas generated by Monmouth Rotary Community Champions (MRCC) and the Monmouth Off-Street Project, managers of Monmouth’s fabulous skate park.

The Aims of the Project

To provide the public with easy access to clean drinking water and, at the same time, attempt to reduce the vast amount of plastic waste we generate and, regretfully, throw all over our lovely town. The project will:

1. Installing a number of state-of-the-art drinking fountains at prime locations within the town and

2. Restore the Jubilee Drinking Fountain at St Thomas’s Church. 

Each project will be supported by an ‘engagement plan’, a programme of promotion, education and interpretation designed to encourage people to use and value the fountains and reduce and recycle their waste. 

Download the latest Newsletter HERE.  

Where are we now?

Renovation of the Diamond Jubilee Fountain

Our forefathers had similar pressing needs for clean drinking water and, in the past, Monmouth had a number of working fountains. Over time these fell into disuse and have been lost. The exception is the Jubilee Fountain at St Thomas’s Church. This is a fine example of Romanesque stone masonry and was erected as a memorial to Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Despite a "tidy up" and some renovation for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977, also managed by Monmouth Rotary Club, sadly, the fountain requires urgent attention if it is not to fall into complete dilapidation. The restoration and reuse of the Jubilee Fountain, backed by an engagement plan, is seen as a way of:
  • involve people with the fountain’s conservation and allow it to become a ‘much loved’ community asset;
  • connect more people with its history and promote it as part of Monmouth’s heritage;
  • encourage people to use the fountain, change behaviour and attitudes about fountains and 
  • promote the regular drinking of water and the reduction/recycling of waste.
Planning permission for renovation has been obtained from the Church in Wales. A detailed plan for the fountain’s conservation and re-use have been prepared by a specialist architect. When carried out, it will provide a magnificent fountain that can be safely used for drinking. The project has a comprehensive engagement plan (promotion, education and interpretation) designed to better connect people to Monmouth’s fountains and their history
The cost of the project is now estimated at £80k. Locally, £12.5k has been raised in cash and promises with the balance being sought from the Lottery Heritage Fund. A funding application is in progress. 

Installation of Modern Fountains. 

Four sites have been identified as suitable for the installation of fountains. Each has become an individual project. A summary of progress is given below. 

Agincourt Square Fountain - In progress

This fountain has been delayed because of the major refurbishment of the roads, pavements and market place around the Square. Permission has been received to instal a drinking water fountain and bottle filling station. Following the death of Laney Parry in November 2021, one of the founders of the drinking water fountains project, it has been decided to dedicate this fountain as a memorial to Laney. It is hoped to instal the fountain in early 2023 once all listed building and planning consents have been obtained.

The Green Wall Project (Blestium Street Toilets): - Completed

The wall mounted fountain was installed in August 2019 and ‘opened’ by the Town Mayor, Richard Roden, with the full pomp and ceremony and the Town Band. It is designed to complement the magnificent flower walls installed and maintained by Monmouth Rotary Community Champions. The flowers are looking maf

The Skate Park Project: - Completed 

This project has been developed by the Monmouth Off-Street Project (MOSP) who see the installation of a drinking fountain with bottle filler backed by a programme of education, as a means of making the park a better, healthier, greener place. Over £12k was raised and installation has been completed. 

A very successful ‘Skate Jam’ celebrated the fountain coming onstream in 2021 on Sunday 26th September. By installing the drinking fountain we aim to reduce single use plastic bottles, reduce rubbish at the skate park and encourage young people to drink healthy water. This is part of the Monmouth "Action on the Climate Emergency"

Chippenham Mead: - Completed

A fountain, similar to that above, has been installed at Chippenham. It will give access to the vast range of people who use Chippenham for all sorts of recreation. The fountain has just been given planning permission from the Welsh Government.    

Transition Monmouth managed this project. Their strong support for the re-siting of the play park at Chippenham and their project “Plastic Free Monmouth” make them an appropriate partner to undertake the work. 

The project cost £12/13k supported by funding from the Lottery Awards for All programme.


Managing the Monmouth Fountains Scheme

Each of the fountain projects is managed by the site owner (e.g., the Skate Park fountain is managed by the Monmouth Off-Street Project). The Monmouth Fountains Group was established in March 2019. Its role is to coordinate the wider, Monmouth Fountains Scheme and support the individual projects. Its membership consists of statutory and voluntary bodies who work in the local community:

  • St Thomas’s Parochial Church Council 
  • Monmouth Off-Street Project.
  • Plastic Free Monmouth
  • Monmouth Town Council 
  • Monmouth County Council 
  • Monmouth Rotary Club.

The Monmouth Fountains Scheme has not been without its ups and downs and taken longer than originally envisaged. Nonetheless the scheme has made significant progress in difficult circumstances. Key to  progress has been the cooperative working of the various bodies that make up the Monmouth Fountains Group plus the magnificent help of individuals who have kindly carried out a range of tasks and provided lots of help/support. The scheme has impressively brought people together to do something they passionately care about. Fingers crossed, the aspirations to see five working drinking fountains in Monmouth may well be realised before the end of 2023 

The group is collaboratively “managed” by Monmouth Rotary Community Champions led by Rotarian Roger Finn .



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