End Plastic Soup

By 2050 we aim to have no plastic soup in our oceans and seas, no plastic waste in our rivers lakes, parks and streets

EndPlasticSoup Day

What is Plastic Soup?

Plastic soup is all plastic waste that is ending up in the oceans of the world.  It comes from plastic we throw away on the street, in rivers, parks, fishing nets that are discarded, from washing synthetic clothing, brushing our teeth etc. 

 All these different types of plastic combine to form the plastic soup in the seas.  Weathering, sunlight and wave action break down large pieces into small bits.  This causes serious pollution and because plastic is non-biodegradable, the plastic soup kills many marine animals.

The plastic is degenerating into ever smaller pieces to the point that we can't see it anymore.  Microplastics are entering our food chain, the fish we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe.

What is EndPlasticSoup?

EndPlasticSoup is a global initiative which started in Amsterdam in 2018 fishing for plastic in the canals.  EndPlasticSoup is already supported by 3500 Rotarians of 800 Rotary Clubs worldwide.

Rotary can make a difference by creating awareness, promoting alternatives and influencing decision makers.