Working with the Community/ Hot Meals for those Isolated at Home

The Rotary Club of Taunton has supported Cullen's Catering in their initiative to provide free hot meals to those stuck at home during Lockdown

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During the Lockdown, The Rotary Club of Taunton funded support of £200 for Cullen's Catering to provide cooked Sunday lunches for those isolated and stuck at home.

Cullen's Catering usually provide catering services to the Vivary Golf Club but when Lockdown happened, they used their stored food to 'cook-up' delicious meals for those living in isolation. With the help of the Coronavirus Community HELP Taunton who identified the benficiaries, volunteer veterans delivered over 200 meals.

Inspired by this intiative, the Club made a contribution to extend this service which for the most part has been provided free by Ed Cullen and his wife who run the catering company.

President Tony Cox said, 'It is great that Ed has used his own resources to help others at this time and we are pleased to support him and his company'.