The programme for this coming year has been agreed at club assembly

 Despite the very challenging situation we find ourselves in, the 2020-2021 programme covers a broad spectrum of programmes for school children and students between 5 and 18 years. The programme involves the local schools in our area and our aims are to be inclusive for all young people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Working with young people is a good way to promote the work of Rotary in our community. It fosters relationships with young people, their educational institutions, their parents and carers. It also connects with our community. Ultimately it gives young people experiences, challenges and recognition that they would not otherwise have had.

1.Young Achievers Awards

These awards go  to all our primary schools and gives them the opportunity to recognise the achievement of a pupil who has excelled against all odds and who has made a distinct effort to further their own ambitions.

Despite the problems arising from the pandemic, preparations are well under way for the awards to be presented at the end of the current school year.

2. John Vardy Memorial Awards

The award is presented in recognition of the all-round contribution to the life of the school by a selected student, who will be leaving to pursue a qualification in further or higher education or a degree at University. The award is given in honour of our founder President John Vardy OBE. The presentation of the award gives the students the opportunity to visit the club and present to us their ambitions and goals for the future. Awards are given to the chosen students from our local participating schools-Hope Academy and Golborne High.

3 Young Chef Competition

Due to COVID 19 the national final for 2020-2021 has been cancelled,.Contact will be made with Hope Academy and other schools to ascertain as to whether they wish to participate in this coming years competition. This will depend on social distancing and Health and Safety considerations. Our club winner would go through to the zone rounds of the District Competition if they were held.

This competition encourages a healthy lifestyle, an understanding about natural ingredients and recipes. It also challenges students to follow recipes and keep precise budgets. All of which are important life skills.

4 Youth Speaks

This competition involves a team of 3 pupils entering a structured argument on topical subjects. There will be no national final of this competition and the local heats will be held next spring, subject to the situation with COVID 19  It is hoped that one of our high schools will host the local heat. Sir Edmund Arrowsmith School, in Ashton will also be invited to participate.

5 Young Photographer Competition

The competition this year produced a District winner from Golborne High School. As well as Hope Academy invitations will be extended to schools in Ashton and Haydock. Details of the award ceremony will be notified.

6 Excitement of Science

This is an excellent opportunity for students from secondary schools to experience a lecture at a university and at the same time learn more about a subject they are interested in. The last two annual events, held at Manchester University were attended by students from Hope Academy and Golborne High.

The event helps to promote science as a vocation at a time when young scientists are in demand. It encourages them to study the subject with a view to attending university to further their education. It is a on - off opportunity which can make a lasting impression on a young person’s life. 

Due to the on-going pandemic this years event,which will be held on February 24, will be an on-line via twitter and gives more schools the opportunity to participate. See our related page for full details.

7 Urban Kids Go Outdoors- Pettypool Centre

Events this year prevented us from sending any children to this centre, but we are proposing to sponsor a primary school class from our area to a fun day out at the Petty Pool Centre, which is a Rotary approved adventure centre. The children will go out into the countryside, engage in team-building activities and develop their confidence. Again timing will depend on social distancing regulations.

This is a splendid opportunity for deserving children to experience a trip out of area and realise their potential whilst enjoying themselves.

8 St Helens School Music Service

The Club has donated to this service this year and there is no commitment to continue. However, initial contact has been made for the musicians to perform for us, one evening, which hopefully would be a fund-raising event.

9 Art Competition

Devised to encourage and support pupils at infant level. This project assists their development and aids their integration into school life. It allows them to show their abilities through the use of colours in art. The designs are thought provoking to encourage further integration into being good citizens.

Although it was not possible to hold the competition this year, it is important that we continue with this project, as it is the only involvement we have at this age group.

10 Events that have had to be cancelled due to COVID 19

Summer Camp 

RYLA Courses

Disabled Sports

This note is a reminder of our former support for these activities and to be included in the proposals for 2021/2022.

This concludes the Youth Service programme for the coming Rotary year and I recommend the Club adopts this programmes and budgetary proposals.

Les Clancy

Chair of the Youth Services Committee

With the pandemic we have identified further projects that need our support. With home schooling becoming prevalent there is need to provide laptops to students who do not have direct access to either a computer or IT connections. See our page Laptops for Kids

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Supporting local schools in Wigan


more This project led by clubs in the Wigan Cluster Group provides refurbished computers for those students who do not access to IT at home


more In recognition of our club founder, we present two annual awards to students from our local high schools.

Young Achievers Award JULY 20

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