The New Team!

The Rotary Year starts on July 1st. This is an exciting time as different members take on different roles within the Club. However, this year is a little different...

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of the events which normally happen in the early part of the calendar year have had to be postponed or cancelled. In addition, despite that the Club is meeting regularly on Zoom, it is still more difficult to get some activities moving.

So in the last few months a lot of activities planned by the existing team just didn't happen, and this coming year the majority of the team have decided to stay on in order to try to finish the things they hoped they would be able to do. In an unprecedented move President Mark has taken on a second year, and is hoping to advance the cause of membership during this year. Many thanks to Rosie and Pauline for their hard work during the past year. A couple of changes sees Jack Pemberton join the team as Secretary, Derek Wragg take on Community Services, Peter Carter looking after Foundation, and we’d love to welcome George Bradshaw to the team as Sports Officer. AS for the rest of the team, they're carrying on from last year.

The team have started putting their plans together for the forthcoming year, although as a lot of the activities involve engaging with the public in one way or another, it’s not clear how many of them will be able to go ahead in the light of the current restrictions. Suffice to say that we are reviewing the situation on a regular basis in order to determine what we can do to carry on our work, and meet up with the public.

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